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Looking for property to purchase in the Bearn, France?
The Bearn is the area of the department of the Pyrenees Atlantic bordering the Hautes Pyrenees, Landes and the Gers and encompassing the area around Pau.
The bearnaise architecture of property in this region is quite different from other styles of architecture in the Pyrenees Atlantic significant by high pitched roofs. It is an area that is predominantely agricultural extending for a good part into the foothills of the Pyrenees and examples of this bearn style can be found in both the small bearn farmhouse right through to the Bearnaise Chateau. This type of bearnaise architecture is displayed in the houses found in the Bearn villages and towns such as Lembeye, Morlaas, Morlanne, Orthez, Pau, Monein, Oloron-Sainte-Marie to name just a few.

Lembeye is a small bastide in the Pyrenees Atlantic where time has stopped. The origins of Lembeye was to administer the Church in the 13th Century century and was fortied by two gothic style gates guarding the town. Lembeye is the capital of the Vic-Bilh territory and here you will be introduced to the quality vineyards of the Madiran and Pacherenc domaines. A treat to be discovered and enjoyed.

Today Lembeye is a vibrant little town with a central town square lined with shops, services and restaurants. Just 35 mins from Pau with its international airport it is an ideal location for a second property in France.

Lescar is 5kms north west of Pau. This small roman village in an elevant situation.

Approximately 12kms North East of Pau this is the first capital of the Viscount of Bearn and nothing of its splendour of that period has been lost. Until the end of the 18th Century Morlaas was one of the great bearnaise villages. The Church of Sainte Foy dating to the 12th Century with its roman architecture is particularly to note.

This bearnaise village is found on the D946. An old defence post in the Bearn it has leaned always towards the Chalosse area and the Adour area than the Bearn because of its situation. However there are many fine examples of Bearn architecture and there are many beautiful homes to be found in the Morlanne area. The Museum of Jambon de Bayonne is found in Morlanne. The fortified Church Saint-Laurent with its round towers, the Chateau de Morlanne (constructed by Arnaud Guillaume - the half brother of Gaston Phebus). This is built between two rivers and as with the Chateau in Montaner occuped a particular sensitive position at the time of the 14th Century bore witness to rich historical and military happenings.. Passionately restored in the 1970's after six centuries from a ruin to its original architecture splendour and fortified by its moat.

Nicknamed by Henri IV as "Le Paris du Béarn" because of its surface Monein is built around its vast central market square lined with homes in traditional bearn style. The very beautiful 19th Century market is particularly animated on market days and is well visited by tourists using Monein as a base to discover teh vineyards of the Jurancon domaines. The names of many excellent winemakers can be found on the lips of the locals on market day.

With more than 2000 years of history this is the oldest Bearnaise city and because of its situation has always been strategically an important city in the Bearn. One of the stages of the Saint-Jacques de Compostella route it fondly remembers Francis Jammes. The medieval bridge Pont-Vieux with its dungeon door in the middle is one of the most known images of this town. In the old town of Orthez there are elegant bearnaise homes and buildings a fine example being the house of Janne d'Albret of the 15th Century.

Orthez was the old capital of the Bearn known at the time of Gaston Phebus and celebrated its golden time during the 13th and 14th Centuries.

Capital of the Bearn and Prefecture of the Pyrenees Atlantique, Pau is an attractive city with its sophisticated shops, restaurants, museums and art galleries and buildings of note. The magnificent Chateau in the centre with the oldest parts dating back to the 12th Century. The Chateau presents diverse architectural bearn styles with the influences of historical changes and what each period had to offer. You can view examples of Bearn architecture and life in the museum which is open to the public. Rue du Marechal-Joffre has fine examples of period Bearn architecture as does the Sentiers du Roy and La Place de la Monnaie in the lower town. The Boulevard des Pyrenees with buildings built to enjoy the magnificent panoramic views of the Pyrenees. Perfectly positioned between the Pyrenees mountains and the Atlantic Ocean Pau has everything to offer a purchaser from apartments in elegant buildings with period architecture to fine homes in the old section and family homes with gardens and land on the outskirts of the town.

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