Price Range: 100k - 1M
Terrain: 0 m - 6 ha
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Area Radius: 50Km


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Welcome to MY FRENCH PROPERTY. We are a small group of independent agents providing select listings of French properties for sale. Started in 1995, we originally focused on the areas of Gascony, the Bearn and the Pyrenees. We are now rolling out the service to cover other areas of France and now features an extensive range of properties across the Burgundy, Dordogne, Languedoc, Limousin and Charente regions. We are planning to extend coverage to include properties from the South East and Alps very soon.

Our agents are fully registered, multilingual, experienced and knowledgeable. Our service is geared towards streamlining the search process by listening to and analyzing your requirements in order to propose those properties which best suit your requirements. Our agents all offer a comprehensive service which extends all the way through from contract to completion and beyond to ensure that you are comfortably set up in your new home.

We look forward to sharing our passion for France with you and hope to be of help in finding you a home.

We believe that there are some tremendous opportunities to be enjoyed in the French property market at the moment. Although the market is stable at the moment there is a good choice of property available and some tremendous value to be found. Let us know what you are looking for and we will get to work.

Please contact us if you would like any further information relating to your property search or any help with financing your purchase in France.

Call us: UK: 08717174109 France: +33(0)562969427 for a no obligation discussion about your requirements, market conditions or the process of buying a home in France.


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595 000
DEPT: 16